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Learn about the history of our success.

Lakehead Alternator was established in 1982 by Emili and Gunther Stahr, who believed that excellent customer service was the key to success. When Lakehead Alternator first started, they specialized in repairing and rebuilding starters and alternators, being one of the only places in Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario that did full service and repair.  

Lakehead Alternator was originally located on Twelfth Avenue, later moving to Eleventh Avenue in 1992 when Gunther and Emilie purchased the building on Eleventh Avenue. The company was purchased in 2005 by the Maunula Group of Companies. It moved to its current location in March of 2010, 1239 Amber Drive under the same roof as Canadian Bearings and Auto Parts Central.  With this new location, Lakehead hopes to reach new customers with a more prominent site and gain access to a larger base of inventory, located just next door in the Auto Parts Central Inc. building.

Throughout the years, Lakehead has opened up their doors to a wide variety of products/services, beginning in 1993 when they added Fleetguard Filters into their inventory.  When 1995 came along, they decided to strengthen their base by selling industrial, fleet and automotive batteries, expanding their inventory selection in 1996 to include sealed lead acid batteries, used in UPS and back up light systems.  In 1998 Duracell batteries were introduced into their inventory, proving their customers with a larger variety.  In the year 2000, Lakehead changed their filters to Donaldson Filters, a leading worldwide filtration provider.

Lakehead Alternator has two sister companies, which include Auto Parts Central Inc. and Central Canada Industries Inc. Auto parts Central Inc. has eight full service locations and two satellite branches in Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba,, and Central Canada Industries Inc. have two locations, the head office is located in Thunder Bay, ON and the second branch, located in Winnipeg, MB,