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Giving Back


Lakehead Alternator and Starter Company Inc. find importance in giving back to our community which is why we contribute to the following charities.


Lakehead is extremely grateful to all of their loyal customers, they sponsor many customer related events throughout the year such as minor hockey, baseball, etc.


United Way

Lakehead Alternator and Starter Company Inc.’s employees give generously to raise funds for the United Way through the Annual Employee Giving Campaign. Lakehead matches the employees contributions to United Way.


Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center

Central Canada Charity Golf Classic (Proceeds are donated to Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center)


Shelter House

For the months of November and December, Lakehead donated $1.00 to the Shelter house for every case of oil sold.


Registered Charity of Choice

The employees of Lakehead Alternator, along with sister companies Auto Parts Central and Central Canada Industries Inc. are given one paid day a year to volunteer at a local registered charity of their choice.